Film: 3936

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Our Gang in ...Ten Years Old
Tenth birthday party of Joe who lives in the poor neighbourhood. Opens with his mama smacking him. He wants a party and has games set up, but only his mother, little sister and pets are there - he plays pin the tail on the donkey. His mother leaves for work giving him 25 cents - but not enough to buy a nice cake for his birthday. Text: Don't let those bill collectors in the house when mamas working. The dog drinks from the bath set up for bobbing for apples game. Joe decides to bake his own cake. He tries to follow a recipe and takes things from the cupboard. His little sister is sat on the side and he gives her an egg to play with, which she drops for the dog instead she finds objects to throw into the cake mixture. Joe puts in the ingredients for his cake, but not all that he's supposed to, including paisley's varnish and Roman candle fireworks. Joe mixes the dough and puts it in the oven, where it rises so much it is coming out of the oven door.

Meanwhile rich kid Jackie has a birthday. Jackie's party, organised by his stepmother will be attended by young aristocratic posh kids. Jackie is not happy and wants to invite the 'gang' to his party. The gang are seen pretending to be Spanish bullfighters and are chased by the bull, which is in fact a goat! Jackie pleads with his father who eventually agrees they can come. They have agreed to go to Joes party until he tells them about all the ice cream, cakes and goodies he is having to eat and then decide to go and eat at Jackies before going to Joe's party.

Joe has taken his cake out of the oven and it is ballooning up like a tyre and dispersing flour everywhere. The bill collector calls and takes away the radio.

At Jackie's party the prim and proper guests have arrived and are playing a circle game. Jackie tells them that 'spanish bullfighters' are invited. The gang, except for two who have gone to put on their party clothes, arrive with their presents one of which turns out to be a frog (Jackie likes to think its an alligator!). When the other two arrive they are turned away and goe to Joe's party.
Joe is upset that the gang have gone to Jackies Text: I'll bust somebodies nose - they can't bust my party". They go to Jackies and Joe tells them about his twenty pound cake. They ask him to bring it over and he fetches it.
When Joe cuts the cake they find all the things his little sister has thrown in - a shoe, tacks, waterbottle and other objects. One boy eats a piece and his lip is caught in a mousetrap, another finds he is eating soap.
Another present is opened which is supposed to be a kitten from the gang. It turns out to be a skunk and everyone scatters!

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