Film: 3937

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Administrators in business and public services 1970's
Ambulance speeding down street, delivering patient to hospital. Close up of the front of the ambulance in motion filmed from another vehicle with siren blaring. Point of view from the driver's seat. Sound of squealing tyres. It arrives at a hospital and a patient is taken out. The Chartered secretary. Board meeting. Company secretary at Eastbourne Gazette newspaper. Exterior of Eastbourne Gazette offices. Two brief shots of Renault car driving along Eastbourne seafront, pan out to pier. Export company for African fabrics. Ford Cortina MK3 drops man off at airport. Flight taking off. Thread manufacture Wandsworth. Local services. Town clerk. Town planning. Health Service: hospital administration. ACIS library and job counselling.

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