Film: 3939

Social History | 1980 | Sound | Colour


An old woman coming to terms with death and the thoughts of the carers who look after her. U.S.A
An old woman is seen sat up with a pillow behind her and stroking her cat. Close up of aged wrinkled hand with prominent veins.
An oval silver frame with her as a young woman sits on a side table with other family photographs.
A bungalow which is a home for the elderly. The aged woman is seen sat inside through the window. A carer talks to the old lady called Ethel about her life. View of photograph (young woman). Ethel sits with crocheted rug behind her and smiles.
Four of the workforce sit around a table for a discussion about Ethel, and her dying.
The old lady talks about herself, family and death.
An assistant sits by her holding the cat offering help. Ethel holds a glass and drinks.
The assistant aids Ethel in getting out of a chair to stand at a zimmer frame before walking with aid across the room.
Ethel speaks to the camera slowly. Asleep with her mouth open lying on a settee.
Having her hair done by a carer whilst chatting about facing death.
C/U of aged hand with wedding ring. Ethel from behind with her feet on a footstool. She talks about having friends. The ginger cat sat by her. Ethel is lying down with the carer holding her hand and gently stroking it.

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