Film: 3947

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Marketing and customer services advice. Complaint scenarios for dealing with unsatisfied customers in business.

Angry customers complain to camera about cookers, holidays, banks, broken handbag, broken down machine. Rear view of John Cleese as a doctor. 'What seems to be the trouble?' How to deal with complaints. Man raves on about how unhappy he is. Deal with complaints as a doctor would. Listen carefully. Do not switch off when he is complaining. Let the customer relieve his problem. Be concerned and apologise. Do not blame the customer. Man complaining about the handbag. Girls says it should be handled delicately. Doctor comparison. Doctor abuses man for diagnosing himself and lectures him for eating too much. This is not reassuring. Handbag handle came off during first use. Shop girl demeans man for complaining. You should sympathise. Acknowledge the customers complaint. Be concerned. Bank situation. Bank manager appeals for sympathy. Customer doesn't want to hear reasons. Doctor situation, he complains and talks of others ten times worse. Do not justify. Diagnose and remedy. Man at travel agent. She asks for a form. Do not side step the issue or put helping customer onto themselves.

Think of a customer than complains as a customers who is giving you a chance to put things right. Agree on course of action. Travel agent on the phone getting the plane. Penelope Keith wants her money back. She discusses it with salesman. He books the repair man. Follow up with others involved. Course of action must be followed up. Re-appeal for dealing with complaints by animated check list.

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