Film: 3951

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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Acetychlorine 1940's

Distinguished looking man sits writing at desk. Formula of ammonium hydroxide. Formula of ach. Kymograph tracing. Anaesthetized cat, canula in trachea. Canula in carotid artery. Canula in femoral vein. Kymograph shows vasodilator effect of ach. Cat's hind leg, passage of ringer's solution through limb. Insertion of large dose ach into veins of cat. Kymograph shows inhibition of heart. Stimulation of vagus nerve with electrode. Injection of atropine. Kymograph shows no effect on blood pressure. Injection of more ach shows rise in blood pressure. Due to vasoconstriction sympathetic nervous system. Electrode stimulation of superior cervical ganglion of anaesthetized cat. Close up of dilatation of pupil. Ach brushed onto ganglion, pupil dilates again. Properties of acetylcholine. Diagram of arterial system. Various effects of ach.
10ft Sir Henry Dale sitting at his desk
27ft Structure of acetylcholine by diagrams; Formula
86ft Kymograph tracings on a smoked drum show BP falls then rises
126ft Experiment on cat heart
186ft Diagrammatic summary
249ft Action of atropine with diagrammatic explanation.

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