Film: 3953

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


South African adventure that follows two people on a holiday romance. Excellent and amusing commentary 1960's

The man is a landscape painter and the woman is with her rather crusty old aunt. Paintings of the landscape. Vineyards and wine tasting. Very picturesque and colourful scenery. South African ceramics and artworks in a gallery being admired by visitors. View of the rugged coastline. Scenic cable car ride into the rugged mountains above the coast. Rowing boats are on the sea. The beach has the ruins of fishing vessels. The man and woman enjoy a seafood meal in a restaurant. She is leaving the next day. Cape town.
Historical re-enactment of 1840, the man and woman are in period costume and are attending a ball. They flirt together then she disappears.
Back in present day costume. The man is driving through the street of the city trying to get to the docks to see the woman before she sails. He is held up by a carnival. Floats and marching bands block his way. There is a float with a big papier mache head of President de Klerk? By the time he gets to the dock the boat has sailed. He waves goodbye to the Aunt but can not see the woman. She is standing on the quayside, she did not leave. The man and the woman are re-united.

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