Film: 3954

Media | 1970 | Sound | B/W + Colour


In 1969 the television mast on the Pennines collapsed. Story of how the mast was re-built and the general history of building televevision masts 1960's

Animation shows how television signals are broadcast around the world pehaps even can be seen on Mars. Aliens on Mars watching Coronation Street! A man from the broadcasting company explains why and how they build television towers. Views of TV masts and people working on them. They work a thousand feet above the ground, the wind is very strong. They decide to build a concrete tower. Footage of how they built the concrete tower while the narrator explains the method and ingredients as if they were making a cake. The tower is eleven hundred feet high and is surrounded by countryside. Views of the workers walking around the top of the tower without any fear. After the tower is completed the workers have a party, drinking and singing. Narrator explains how a television programme is made and then broadcast around the country. Even if the programme is made by a regional company such as HTV it can be seen across the UK. Footage of Tommy Cooper on LWT. ITN News at Ten logo. The television companies produce all sorts of programmes from news to arts, they are beamed across the country.

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