Film: 3957

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Social and geographical film depicting the contrast between Greece's rich cultural heritage and her poor economic and technological position in the 1960's.

View of a snow-topped Mount Olympus, northern Greece. An ancient theatre in the mountains. Ruins of a temple. Doric columns of a temple overlooking the city. Close up of ancient marble columns. View of the theatre that is possibly at the foot of the Acropolis. Statue of a discus thrower, Dimetris. A gate signalling the entrance to Olympia. A track in a grass field. The Parthenon. A farmer ploughs a field with two white horses. Two fishermen gather their nets. Two more sat over a bucket cleaning their catch. A fallen column in the foreground with a modern white apartment block in the background. A bowl of milk being heated up on an outdoor fire. View of a mountain village. Close up of a bearded villager wearing a handkerchief to cover his head. View of small children smiling. Map of Europe focusing on Greece.

The Corinthian Canal as a boat passes through it, two sides are joined by a bridge as a train passes over it. Map showing the shipping channels between Europe and Asia that cross through Greece. Aerial view of Athens and Piraeus. Close up of the Parthenon panning out to a view of the whole Acropolis complex. View of old houses at the foot of the Acropolis - white houses with shuttered windows and plaster dropping off them. A potter decorates a Grecian jug on a wheel. Illustrating a large water jug with ancient style artwork. Tourists walking around the Parthenon. Athens from the water. View of the Acropolis from the Areophagus? City sprawls out around the Pnyx. Athenians going about their daily business on the street as town buses drive by. Traffic driving through the business district.

A mountain range. A hydro electric power station on a mountainside with a huge white pipe running down the side of it. A modern office block. View of a large cement plant with tall, smoking chimneys surrounded by cement dust. Inside a factory that manufactures marble. A mill that converts iron ore into steel, alongside a motorway. Shipyard at Piraeus. Piraeus harbour.

A train pulls into Salonika station. A street stall selling shoes. An open fronted clothes shop with colourful sweaters and dresses hanging from railings. An Orthodox church in the Byzantine style. The front entrance to the University of Thessalonica, a modern concrete building overlooking a paved pond. An oil refinery. A Biomax factory. New heavy machinery. The Mercedes-Benz office building. A quiet harbour with a small fishing boat where fishermen are dragging their nets. Closer view of fishermen pulling in their nets in the harbour. A small rowing boat fitted with two tail lanterns. A white-washed harbour village, the coast lined with small boats. A steep-streeted village. A goatherd on a dry mountainside with a lone olive tree. Goats being milked. View of a mountain road. View of the lowlands of the Peloponnese. A vineyard. Olive trees in a poppy field. Date tree. Orange grove. A busy market with shoppers choosing oranges. View of a farming village on the plains of Thessaly. A small herd of goats is lead along the road to the pasture. A housewife takes out her freshly baked bread from a clay oven in the yard.

A traditional Greek family get-together, men drinking ouzo. A rundown deserted village. A school house. A teacher shows his class a map of the Americas. Red-soiled valley overlooked by the mountains. Women planting crops in the soil. A neat olive grove. A basket of black olives. The baskets are loaded onto the back of a truck. Sheep waiting to have their coats sheared on a pasture. Women spin the wool by hand in the field. The teacher addresses his class. In the Valda? valley, a large crane drains a river. View of an irrigation system. A modern, 1960s hotel. An old church seen from inside a cave. The Acropolis.

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