Film: 3963

Aviation | 1980 | Silent | Colour


Various naval jet aircraft and helicopters and aircraft carrier H.M.S. Eagle 1980's

Particular attention paid to the Sea Harrier fighter aircraft (a jump jet). A Royal Navy Rescue helicopter (a Sea King or Wessex) flies. Royal Navy aeroplanes (hawk jets?) in rows on the deck of an aircraft carrier, maintenance personnel with them. Similar, as one of the planes (a type with folded wings) taxies to the centre of the deck. Jump cut. Again - the plane much closer now, another plane following. The rear of one of these planes, showing its markings, cockpit etc. It takes off, over the sea. Followed by another. The wings of another plane fold down. The rescue helicopter hovers newly. The previous plane takes off with a sudden burst of energy. Montage of another as it is prepared for take off. It takes off. Another jet at the end of the deck. A signal man beckons it. The plane takes off. A signaller on deck amid smoke or fumes. Another jet takes off. The helicopter nearby again. Jets far away in the sky - their jet trails. Yet another jet takes off. Two jets fly low over the carrier. A single jet flies over. A freight ship sails by a km away. Montage of a Sea Harrier Jump Jet coming in to land on the carrier's deck. An attendant approaches the plane. Another Harrier flies past. Montage of another as it lands with a bump and taxies forward. A mini-tractor(-ish) vehicle hauls the Harrier away. Panorama of the sunny sea. Montage of nearby helicopter. Harrier pilot in his cockpit - montage as the Harrier is lowered below top deck. A helicopter slowly lands on the deck. A Harrier stationary on deck, maintenance standing around. Same, but with helicopter hovering nearby. Montage of a Harrier taxiing nearby.

The Harrier takes off along the runway of the carrier, ship's crew eagerly watching it. Jet on deck, crew, another jet flies overhead. Another Harrier takes off into the sky. And another close-up of one landing. A jet far away in the sky. A jet on deck. The jet as the pilot unstraps himself. He taxies the plane away. Crew secure another jet on deck. A helicopter flies in over the sea. Ground crew attend to a jet while the helicopter hovers close by. Another jet takes off along the runway watched by ship's crew. Another jet takes off. Another flies over low. Another flies towards us and over. A Harrier seen from below as it lands in vertical take off and land mode. As it lands on deck, crew attend it. Another Harrier comes in overhead. Similar, it lands slowly in vertical mode. Close, then it taxies away. The control tower of the ship. Crew watch as another Harrier takes off along the deck. And again (very shaky shot, view obscured). Another jet approaches. It lands vertically, watched by service personnel. Another one lands. A different jet flies high, practising firing missiles at the sea (probably) - a montage. Again. The bombs explode under water. A Harrier takes off along the runway. A Harrier jets by. The ship's wake. Another type of jet lands in mist. Similar. A Harrier on deck, crew go to attend it. A Harrier takes off along the runway. And another. A Harrier lands. A Harrier accelerates from one end of the deck to the other and takes off. Similar. A Harrier comes in and flies past low. Another Harrier hovers in the air. It lands on deck.

A Harrier takes off. A Harrier approaches the ship. A Harrier flies past. Another, high overhead. A Harrier hovers in the air then lands vertically - a montage - it then taxies forward. A helicopter in camouflage markings hovers over a rough sea. A Harrier slowly comes overhead. It lands on deck, taxies forward. A low shot of a Harrier as it takes off, men in asbestos suits watch. A Harrier hovers, then lands. Close-up of the nose of a Harrier, before it takes off along the runway. Once again. A Harrier flies past and drops a bomb. The wheel of a taxiing jet on deck. A Harrier zooms past. A Harrier flies past upside down. Similar. A Harrier flies on its side. Smoke or fumes on deck. A Harrier takes off. A helicopter hovers near the ship. A Harrier hovers in the air - a good shot, menacing looking. It lands on deck. A Harrier flies past, the view of it obscured by the carrier. A Harrier in to land on deck. Another jet flies in and lands along the runway. And another - in both cases a rope or line for slowing down the planes is visible. A tanker sails by. A jet lands on deck. And another. The pilot taxies forwards, waiting maintenance personnel and lined up fold-wing jets. A small ship at sea, distant. A Harrier takes off along the runway, crew milling about, a service tractor-like vehicle drives out. A Harrier takes off, again watched by the crew. A Harrier flies and drops several bombs. A Harrier takes off from the end of the runway. A harrier drops several bombs in to the sea. The end of the runway as another Harrier takes off. The cockpit of a jet. Next to it, a fold-wing jet taxies past. The previous jet takes off. Another jet type takes off. Followed by one of the previous type. Another jet readies for take-off, then zooms away. A different jet takes off.

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