Film: 3965

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A career in Pharmacy 1950's

Men in white coats assemble and install machinery. Shots of Metropolis-like machinery. Scientists chat, surgeons operate, chemist with glassware, etc. Bubbling liquids, link to alchemy. Cartoon-like pictures of Egyptians: man with snake, another man is scalded and leaps out of bath. More cartoons: wizard gives potion to knight, knight develops spots on face, apprentice looks bewildered, apprentice plays cards, fires bow and arrow. Animation of bat, skull, spiders web. Large, busy chemists store, pharmaceutical qualification certificate hangs on wall. Customers served at dispensary, serving pharmacist checks prescription with superior, calls doctor. Bald doctor at desk.

Pharmacist (white coat, NHS specs / glasses) weighs out white powder on scales, mixes with liquid. 'Record of dangerous drugs' folder. Woman tries on rubber gloves at dispensary. Bottles, jars, on shelves. Female chemist puts bottle in lift. Customer smells soap. Man selects, and pays for toothbrush. Women smell perfume. Farmer buys tattoo-marker, examines it whilst smoking cigarette. Schoolboy buys flashlight for camera. Manager has telephone conversation. Schoolboy sits at desk, teacher labels diagram on blackboard. Young men and women in college lecture. Students in chemistry class, powder on scales, students use microscopes, pills travel down chute, more laboratory shots. Students chat, young man enters chemist for first day's work, looks nervous. Strolls through shop, knocks on manager's door, has interview, manager demonstrates gas equipment, manager and trainee measure a man's leg. Making up prescriptions in dispensary, mixes paste, hands pills to customer, serves woman with baby, unrolls diploma certificate, shows to manager. Serving on 'drugs and medicines' counter. Unlocks and enters pharmacy, assistants set up counter, woman pushes pram.

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