Film: 3966

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Crime and punishment in Britain 1950's

"Everyone agrees that criminals must be caught and punished. But countries differ in their methods of dealing with wrong doers. This film shows what happens in England when a man is suspected of committing a crime".
Shot of house at night identifies Bexley, England. Young man and girlfriend are out for a walk. Car headlights dazzle them. Old man leaves car and enters house. Man in trenchcoat jumps from downstairs window. Old man and young couple give chase in car. Man is caught near railway station. Young woman phone police from call box. Old fashioned police car arrives at station. All participants are taken down to the police station to give evidence. CID accompanies old man back to his rented house. Door lock has been forced. Silverware. Writing desk. CID officer phones station with information about items stolen. £15 in one pound notes. Accused is searched and empties his pockets. Ludd, the suspect has £15 in one pound notes on him. Davis, the old man is informed that there is enough evidence to charge Ludd, and he is asked to sign the formal document charging Ludd. Ludd is read his rights by inspector. Written statements are taken from the witnesses. Magistrates court. Ludd in dock. Ludd is remanded in custody. He is given Legal Aid. Ludd meets his barrister and solicitor in prison. They listen to his story and start his defence. Main street Colchester. View of court from public gallery. Court clerk reads out charges. Felony, namely burglary contrary to the Larceny act of 1916. Ludd pleads not guilty. Jury assembles in pews in courts. Judge. Jury sworn in. Trial starts. Lawyers with wigs. Prosecution Council. Witnesses called. Judge. Mrs. Ludd is cross examined. Prosecuting council addresses jury. Judge addresses jury. Foreman reads out binding statement which obliges him to keep the Jury members in a place where they will not be exposed to outside influences. Jury members vote on guilt of accused. Guilty verdict is read out.

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