Film: 3967

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Childbirth 1960's

Woman's face as she pushes to give birth. Nurse gives mother gas. She has to push harder. Breathing. Baby is born. Woman smiling. New born baby covered in blood and mucus is handed to its mum. Voice-over is with a French accent and reflects the concerns of the day such as pollution, noise etc that a child must be born into. Child suckling. Young girl toddler in push chair. Children playing in park. Baby looks around. Mother kisses baby. Baby chewing on a plastic toy, discovering feet and self in mirror. Toddler being fed. Lots of shots of babies and toddlers doing baby and toddler things. Microphotography of a follicle ripening in the side of an ovary starting the monthly cycle. Sperm getting ready to fertilize egg. Close up of cell dividing six hours after fertilization. Microphotography of 4mm embryo. X-ray showing future vertebrae. Heart beating. Microphotography of embryo. Placenta shots including close ups of umbilical chord. Close up of hands and fingers developing. Evidence of retina. Development at three months of muscles. Sound effects of foetal heart beat. Microphotography of neurons forming nervous system. Close up of umbilical chord pumping blood to baby. Close up of finger nails, feet, ears, skin, umbilical chord. Close up of baby's head at vagina entrance. Head coming out slowly. Doctor pulls rest of the baby out. Mother pulls child to her breast. Father crying. Baby crying. Brilliant footage of a birth, newly-born baby covered in mucus and blood.

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