Film: 3968

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


"Lose five founds in three days with our wonder diet". Dieting and weight control 1960's

Woman looks mournful. She is large and middle aged, standing in long knickers and a long bra, girdle type thing. Man lies on his back lifting his legs doing exercises. Woman takes pills. Paintings of large people, Rubens etc. Fat people. A fat James bond. Woman in skirt. Quack diets.

Patient talks to her doctor about diet. List of diseases. Bottom on wobble slimming machine. Man looks a paunch in mirror. He feels his stomach. Ruler on his stomach. Woman looks at photograph of herself 20 years ago and feels her bottom. Woman asks doctor if it’s a problem with her glands. He shows her the evidence against. What about fluid. Doctor. She eats too much for her body. Energy in and out should be the same. If not, you are over weight. Measuring energy in calories. Calories explained in heat. Close up of bread. Reduce input or increase output. Close up of roast dinner. Man walking on the heath. Snacks, spaghetti and jam tarts. Large man plays squash. Woman in full girdle touching her toes in her bedroom. In brain. Man says no to trifle offered by waiter. Man is getting less and less active. Man eats sweets in a car. A man asleep in an armchair with a newspaper on him. Various highly coloured desserts and puddings. Family at table eating. Controlled weighing food. Man hooked up to monitoring system and during step ups. Man not taking the lift but going up the stairs. Man gets off bus and walks. Woman walks down street with a shopping basket. Eat less. Nutrition. Protein, fat and carbohydrate foods. Good diet discussed. Carbohydrates are the ones to cut down. Shots of food. Sugars starch reduced products. Crispbreads, cornflakes, doctor's advise. Diet cards. Woman at breakfast. Woman reads vogue magazine and looks in shop windows. Woman at a dinner party refuses bread. Excuses for not dieting. Man drinking a pint of beer. Starvation diets will not last. Under activity. Couple walking in the park.

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