Film: 3977

Aviation | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Balloons - Prints of Vinci's ideas. Montgolfier Brothers balloon. Balloons - Terry Gilliam style art. Stills of balloons. Cartoon balloon in storm 1950's

Film - horse and cart with men. Cart has early plane on it. Aviation. Clips from "Aeronautical Oddities" early airplanes failing to get off the ground, some aeroplanes crashing. Pedal powered planes and collapsing wings. Missile at rocket site rise from ground in succession. Fitting last components into nose-cone of rocket and seal it up. Fake shots of: astronaut walking in space and using rocket powered packs, adjusting satellites. Rotating telescope in space, rocket landing on moon, astronaut dismounting. Two astronauts embrace at joy of being on moon - Michelin man space suits. Good stuff. Spaceman waves goodbye to rocket which is leaving space station.

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