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Germany 1980's

Reports on:
- Castle Linderhof
- Modern Technology (e.g. Microchip cards)
- Holiday on a Farm
- Alternative parties in Germany
- Wilhelm Busch
- 100 years of the 'Kieler Woche' (a week of sailing regattas in Kiel)
1) Castle Linderhof near Munich, built in French baroque style. Different views. Visitors and tourists in a great hall. Rooms full of pomp and splendour. (Narrator talks about Ludwig of Bavaria who built the castle). Details in the rooms. Visitors outside with cameras. A fountain with statues. The castle.
2) A hall in a industrial plant. Workers, welding. Examples of modern technology. A reactor-pressure-container (?) People, looking at it. Picture of the space shuttle. An instrument regulating the use of petrol. An engine burning oil to a very large extent. - Micro electronics. A microchip on a card - in future it will be possible to debit to an account. A computer coordinating the transfer. 'It could be used in banks or shops'. - A demonstration of workers in fear of unemployment because of the new technology. - A woman giving orders to a car through a microphone: 'Lights on! Lights off! Radio on!' etc. It is a car for disabled people - Hamburg: A subway train without driver. The centre from where it is steered. Computers, screens. The train. Computers.
3) A small village: 'Hofbieber-Schwarzbach'. Cows. Children, leading them. They have 'holiday on a farm'. Children, feeding a cow. A farmhouse with guests, going on a hike. At the border (East Germany - West Germany). On a meadow. A girl, riding in a circle. A blacksmith with a horseshoe. Children watching. Families. Some families at a barbecue party. A tractor on a field; children helping. 'The children like it, and the farmers have profit.' The children on a wagon behind the tractor.
4) A demonstration for piece and against atomic weapons. 'There are more parties now in Germany, and they have already entered the parliaments'. The central office of the 'Gruen-Alternative Liste' ( the Green Party ) in Hamburg. People talking, phoning, smoking. 'They don't like the established parties, and vice versa.' An industrial plant at the seaside. A ship. Dirty water. 'They want an environmentally friendly life style.' A meeting of the Green Party. Posters. Talking. A stall of them at a market.
5) Wilhelm Busch, the German cartoonist/painter, his 150th birthday. Max and Maurice. Pictures of his stories. 'They are world famous'. Covers of translations of Busch's stories in different languages. Some of his paintings that are much less famous. His house, now a museum. His bedroom. Visitors. A portrait. His grave. He died in 1908 in Mechtshausen. Buses enter the village. A play in a huge tent showing one of his stories: A man has toothache and the tooth is removed.
6) The 'Kieler Woche', a regatta. Sailing boats. 'The 100th anniversary of this regatta.' A painting of the first regatta in 1882. More paintings. Flags in the wind. Lots of sailing boats in the harbour. ('1500 boats of 30 countries') Sailors. Boats, sailing. In the harbour. Visitors. Two singers. Children, 'bricklaying': A feast with many attractions. A huge ball, the globe. The Gorch Fock.

Information enclosed with the film reads as follows:
Castel Linderdorf: Built in french Baroque fairytale style. Thousands of tourists visit the castle every year. To see the romantic era of years gone by, the castle was owned by Ludwig the Second of Bavaria who spent much of his time there to forget his worries.
New Technology: As unemployment grows and is affected by micro computers and new technology, the German Government is trying to channel the unemployed into other industries.
Holiday on the Farm: Many people are spending their holidays in Germany working on farms, as their holidays prove to be too expensive, especially abroad. They save themselves money and also learn how a farm is run.
The Alternative: The political parties of Germany are changing by beginning to work together as a coalition. Only time will tell if this is successful.
Wilhelm Bush: A little known painter who has only recently become known, after 150 years. His paintings are now well thought of although a lot were burnt in the past. He was a painter of the ordinary people.
Kieler Regatta: In 1882 at the start of sailing only 20 yachtsmen took part. Today it is one of the biggest regattas in the world. 4,000 yachtsmen and 1500 boat from 30 countries take part every year.

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