Film: 3982

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


The Eye 1970's

Girl watches snail. Close up snail. Close up girl's eye. Model of cutaway head, skull, model of eye. Different components of model eye. Cow in field, nose against camera. Dissection of cow's eye, retina. Properties illustrated by reflection of cardboard shape. Light beam shone through lens of eye onto retina, lens removed, squeezed between fingers, used as magnifying glass. Diagram of camera, pinhole camera. 'Model' lens, curvature changed by injecting water, image of lattice projected through lens onto screen, altering focus. Diagram to show adjusting of lens thickness in the eye. Optician examines a girl's eyes. View of cornea and iris through equipment. Cornea lifted from cow's eye, iris. Optician shines strong light into girl's eye, pupil contracts, vitreous humour poured from eye. Diagram of eye, model of eye explained.

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