Film: 3983

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Pembrokeshire. Near Dale. West Wales. Sandy beaches 1950's

Marine life exposed at low tide. Barnacles, molluscs and assorted shellfish. Algae. Seabirds prey upon sandhoppers. Anemones. Seasnails. Crabs and starfish in rock pools. Prawns close up. Prawn devoured by anemone. Beach front. Crabs fighting underwater. Various Small fish. Blue lobster. Mudflats. Tubeworms. Seaweed. Seagulls launch an attack on the shore. Organisms struggle to escape. Cliff top flowers. Gulls' nests. Puffins. Gannets, presumably on Grassholm Island. Anemones and flowers open. Tide returning. Sea-lemon. Sea-slug. Conger eel. Sea-hare emitting poisonous cloud. Octopus close up. Natural history of the sea and sea life.

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