Film: 3986

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Primary Schools and classrooms 1970's

Interview with two female education officers, and one man. General classroom shots of five to eight year olds. Painting, hitting symbol, gymnasium. Teachers being taught painting and modern dance, music. Use of audio visual aids. Children with earphones on recording. Teacher helps boy to read. Child concentrating sticks tongue out. Children sound recording. Reading out aloud. Child's finger traces letters. Outside visit to Porchester Castle. On the ramparts. Back at the classroom, the children make models of the castle. Report writing. In classroom blackbird's nest being drawn by child. Boy hammering. Girl makes jigsaw. Parents assisting teaching. Early reading, picture books. Headmasters of middle schools spend time with children, talk to them. Male teacher with pupils. Variety of school buildings, some with extensions, some with mobiles. Children in work groups. Making models, recorder playing. Children print a newspaper. Children in gymnasium climbing over apparatus. Children at large pond collecting jam jars of water, very muddy. At school they prepare slides and use microscopes. Practical work outdoors, children measure diameter of trees. Sorting colour and shapes into different groups. Weighing brick from hanging weighing scale and measuring displacement in a bucket of water. Recorder class. Music class with teacher at piano. Boys play xylophones / glockenspiels. Film set in East Suffolk, Sheffield, Southampton, and Tottenham.

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