Film: 3988

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Denmark, Scandanavia 1950's

Ocean liners. Passenger planes. Dusk view of castle. Coastal shot. Man fishing, catches fish. Same man fishing from small cruiser. Picturesque shot of lake, forests, flowers, frog, mountain, trees with blossom. Smoking chimney stacks. Men painting houses, boats. Two men rake sand on beach, cleaning beaches, filling pool, man diving from board, people swimming in pool and sea, sunbathing, boy snorkeling. Couple run along sand dunes, dive into sea. Man fishing in lake, smoking pipe. Dramatic coastal shots waves, village, fishermen gathering nets etc., stacking boxes of fish, man with horse and cart, man shoes a horse. Architecture, forest, lilies, people eating in cafes, campsite, fields, cows, picturesque castles. Island of Bornholm. Farm workers, church murals, smoking fish, open cast mining, quarry, factory, ornamental vases, etc. Sculpting. Men climb rigging of tall ship. Village scenery shots, man playing accordion, people dance, sunset. More scenery, fields etc., windmills tractor, hay-baling, fruit on trees, women gathering heather. Cows in field, man fishing in lake in Autumn, man fishing in sea from rocks on shore and ice fishing.

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