Film: 3989

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour


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Paris 1930's

Aerial views of Paris, France, Europe with Eiffel Tower, camera pans, roof tops, Champs Elysee. Shot of what could be the Place de la Bastille complete with carts. Shot of what could be the Rue de Rivoli (busy with cars). L'Opera, a green bus, a gendarme directing traffic, aerial view of the Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe. People eating and drinking at a road side restaurant (in the open air) on the Champs Elysee (possibly). People walking along a wide pavement (seen from distance). Looking down the Champs Elysee towards the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc. Shots of the River Seine from the top of Notre Dame. Aerial views of Paris at the Seine. A barge on the Seine at speed. A woman releasing the mooring rope and then running back to the barge. She climbs ladder on to barge, the barge pulls away, close ups of the barge's wake created by propeller, moored barges. Children building sandcastles, camera lifts to reveal that they are in a barge with a load of sand a aboard. A crane in the banks of the Seine, a train crossing bridge in background. Men fishing on the banks of the Seine next to Parisian bridge. Two middle aged men and a woman eating a picnic accompanied with a bottle of red wine on the banks of the Seine. One of the men opens up a folded piece of paper and passes it to the woman. Close up of the menu. Close up of parts of menu, very glamorous woman ordering food in restaurant. Middle aged man with monocle lighting a woman's cigarette over restaurant table. Café Society. Two women at table, waiter pouring wine from bottle into glasses. Camera pans slowly over seated diners and out over Seine and view of Notre Dame in distance. Rear of Notre Dame shot from boat moving along Seine. Rear of Notre Dame form bridge. Pigeons, people sitting on benches, camera tilts to recall front of Notre Dame. Exterior of the cathedral's stain glass window, fades to interior shot. More of the stained glass windows from interior (they appear to glow). More exterior shots of Notre Dame from moving boat. Close ups of gargoyles. Tree lined Seine from moving boat. Fishermen in three tiny stationary boats on Seine (poles protect them). Two barges tethered together travelling along Seine. Flowers on florists. Glamorous woman buys large bunch of flowers and gets into white, open topped car with two other people ant they drive off. The Pont Neuf from the west. Men fishing with rod and line. Pont Neuf in distance. Street stalls selling paintings on banks of Seine. Book stalls on banks of Seine. Travelling shot of men reading books at the stalls. Canaries and budgerigars in cages, kittens, puppies, gold fish in tanks, a pet shop. Shot of its front, child looking into fish tank. Sign outside shop saying 'Peche'. Crowd of people on banks of Seine throwing things in to river for dog to fetch. One man throws his dog in. Another is combing his wet dog. Dogs swimming back to shore. A swimming pool on banks of Seine, aerial view. Very few people in pool while the edges are crammed with people. Man, in swimming trunks, diving from spring board into pool ( shot from above). Closer vies of people in pool. Shots of men and women sun bathing on side of pool. Genera view of people sun bathing in swimming costumes. Two women in floral swimming costumes, sun bathing. Exterior of Louvre beautiful gardens). Interior of Louvre: classical statues, Mona Lisa (Da Vinci), various paintings of classical and biblical scenes, portrait of Louis IV's wife, painting of the Bastille being stormed. Fountain in the Tuilleries, a pond surrounds it and model yachts are being sailed in it. The same pond and fountain from a distance, people surround it. Statues in the gardens outside the Louvre. Tuilleries with obelisk (Place de la Concorde) and Arc de Triomphe in background. Impressive fountain in the Place de la Concorde, a closer view of obelisk. The bridge across the Seine from the Place de la Concorde. A golden flying horse. Soldiers outside palace with rifles and bayonets. Statue of Napoleon. Inside Chambre des Deputies (possibly). Napoleon's hat on a green chair. Portrait of Napoleon. Numerous tricolor flags. Montage of battles and battle victories. The Eiffel Tower, view from distance, from below, from Seine. Statue of Liberty on banks of Seine. Aerial view of Seine. Barge on River Seine.

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