Film: 3992

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Africa company film that documents the change in road conditions affecting transport in Nigeria 1960's

Lorry pulling tanker trailer through the arid Nigerian countryside.
Nigerian rural village. Nigerians carrying pots on their heads. Diesel locomotive heads towards the camera at speed. Cargo barges on the Niger River. Passenger plane taking off. Village with thatched huts, a man carrying an oil can walks past and on through the forest to a Mobil garage, where he fills his can from the petrol pump. Men eating and drinking inside the garage café, they leave and climb into their lorry cabs.
Lorry assembly plant in Nigeria, parts are made, engine lowered onto chassis, spray painting of panels and assembly. Man driving chassis to customer along Nigerian roads, over bridges. Nigerian trucking / haulage company ‘Motors Akwiwu Ltd’, in Port Harcourt. Line of trucks, they start leaving the depot. The main operations office, drivers report here before departure for paperwork. An office worker writes the driver’s routes on a large wall mounted blackboard. A man delivers a small parcel to go with one of the deliveries. The driver is quickly stopped before he pulls away and is told to make a stop en-route with the small package. The Akwiwu Ltd truck departs with its long load of steel girders. View of lorry travelling through the forest from a distance.
Man walks towards the cab of his red truck. A cement works, large vats of cement being stirred. Lorries lined up at the cement works. Cement bags on conveyor belts, men load bags into the back of a truck. The fully laden lorry (Ekunie Transport Services) drives out of the factory and along rural roads. Road construction work, bulldozers, levellers. Cement truck slowly climbing hill, a smaller lorry overtakes. Driver’s POV of the hilly road.
Driver drinking from a soda bottle outside Mobil garage. Bright yellow Nigerian bus stops for fuel and a man runs to jump on the back as it leaves. Tango lorry delivering bottled soft drinks to the garage. The driver talks to the female garage worker. Other people sit around a table in the petrol station café. Chassis delivery driver continues his journey, passing a troupe of traditional dancers at the roadside. He drives through villages, long line of Nigerian women walk at the side of the road.
Sign Hospital – Please Drive Carefully. Truck driver pulls up and runs down the driveway towards the hospital building with a small package, which he hands to a nurse before jogging back to his truck. Trucks filmed from different angles as they drive along often poor roads in rural Nigeria. A roadside Nigerian market, crowds and lots of busy stalls. Women selling large enamel bowls. Truck driver gets back in his cab with bananas from the market. He and his co-pilot eating bananas in the cab of the lorry.
Driver of a large red truck pulls into a garage to rest. He greets another trucker who has stopped here. A car is filled with petrol. The driver delivering a blue chassis of a truck bids farewell and drives off. The other driver opens a newspaper. Adverts for Dunlop tyres and Tate sugar are on the wall behind him. View overlooking the city of Enugu. Niger Motors, Mobil Service in Enugu. People look at cars for sale on the forecourt. A man is washing a car roof. The driver of a blue chassis delivers the vehicle to the garage. Buses, vans and lorries parked up. Spare part stock room in garage with Dunlop logos and advertising. Mechanics working in garage on engines.
Riverside boats lined up in Onitsha, Nigeria. Cement taken off lorry to be loaded on waiting river barges. Men transport the bags of cement on their heads.
Various views of another truck travelling through Nigeria. Lorry travelling at night, headlights on. Truck pulls into a rest stop in darkness. Co-pilot checks condition of lorry. Driver phones in to base. Both sit down inside café to eat.

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