Film: 3994

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Renal failure and kidney damage 1970's

Street crowd scene. Dialysis machine and patient. Newspaper office, patient and doctor insert drip into hand, teaching patients to manage home-based renal units. Integrated renal unit, Professor Morris, transplant surgeon talks on problems of lack of transplant facilities. Two men play squash, man operates JCB digger. Woman cycles along road, people with transplants talk of advantages. Transplant operation, surgeon points out ileac vessels, the ethical problems of transplantation. Old man on hospital bed, dead or brain dead? Explanation of 'brain death'. Young doctor tests for brain-death. Pupil dilation, corneal reflex, stibular-ocular reflex, gag reflex, respiratory movement, infusion of O2 to preserve organs. List of procedure following brain-death diagnosis, removal of kidneys in theatre. Security van travels along road, box placed onto BA plane, takes off. St. John's ambulance light aircraft, lands in fields. Kidney removed from pack in theatre. Criteria for potential donors. Footage of transplant, patient recovering in bed. Doctors argue case for transplantation.

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