Film: 3995

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie. Largely of Eastbourne in Sussex 1960's

B&W footage. Family sitting in a garden. Birds feeding from a bird table. Sitting outside, two men and two women (all grey haired) are enjoying tea. They smile at the camera. Boats in a harbour. Views of various vessels, a cruise liner, a steam boat, a tug. View at night (dark). The two women and a little white Scottie dog (either a West Highland Terrier or a Scottish terrier) are in a park with a pond in the background. Then they are in front of a huge mansion on a lawn. They walk towards the camera up a hill.
Colour footage. A little girl with the scottie dog. Girl and the two women and two men sit on the grass with the dog and play. They all walk through a picturesque wood. View of a helicopter. Crowds line the streets of Eastbourne. A car with a flag on the front pulls up (obviously a VIP, Royalty etc but could not see). Crowds waving flags. Helicopter takes off. High POV of Eastbourne crowds in the sunshine. Ships. A girl in a pretty floral dress on a boat. A man with bicycle who is cycling to (or from?) Vancouver.
Woman sits in the garden on a deck chair with the scottie dog on her lap. There is a lilac tree to the side. A cat sleeps on the window sill nearby. Close up of cat. It is a tabby cat, it sits on the window sill looking smug. Scottie dog on window sill. Close up of scottie dog panting (a bit too close really, long slobbery tongue!) Lilac trees with birds feeding. Scottie dog on a chair panting. Flower garden in a suburban garden. Brightly coloured flower beds. Poppy, Chrysanthemum, pink and red and yellow flowers.
A cricket match. People sit on benches watching. Bowler bowls batsman bats and runs are scored. Pavilion. View of a church by a pond. Lilies on the pond and yellow iris surround it. View of country church. Unusual steeple. Churchyard. View of church. View of Long Man of Wilmington, hillside chalk drawing. View of lily pond. Close up of lilies.
Eastbourne. Crowds line streets. Marching band goes past followed by carnival floats. Some good floats, some are pulled by horses. Marching band again. Navy cadets and battleship float.
Eastbourne Flower Show 1955. Crowds wandering around pavilions. Inside pavilions flowers are on display. Red, yellow and orange flowers. Table outside with lots of huge trophies. Woman gives speech. Crowds watch. Trophies awarded. Inside tents, orange flowers, flower displays. People look at displays. Crowds outside.

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