Film: 3996

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1990 | Sound | Colour


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Germany 1990's

Reports on:
- Opening of the West Germany - East Germany frontier, the start of re-unification of Germany
- Shipbuilding
- A German doctor as development aid volunteer
- Carnival in Cologne or Koln
- A football match (HSV - 1. FC Koeln)
1) The West German - East German border along the Elbe. Fortifications. Villages, fields, meadows. A destroyed bridge. A passing barge. 'On the 10.11.89 the border has been opened '. Some people crossing the border. A ferry on the Elbe carrying East Germans to West Germany. Waving, shouting and welcoming. At a station in Hamburg. A small brass band welcomes inhabitants of Dresden. The people of Dresden at the platform. Short interviews with people saying that they are happy. A row of Trabis rolling into West Germany. Relatives embrace. At a small village (Buested) at the border. A new checkpoint is arranged. Trabis crossing the border (in the night), welcoming. More people crossing the border. Crowds in a East German village at the border. All are happy. A brass band. Crowds in a pedestrian precinct. A family preparing sandwiches for those who have to queue and wait to go back to East Germany in the evening: Solidarity !
2) A passenger ship ocean liner, The fastest in the world, the 'Corsair', built in Hamburg. On the bridge ('Cockpit'). Levers, buttons and screens. A 'slice' of a ship in a shipyard. It is lowered next to another ' slice '. Workers supervising. Welding and working at the ship. 'New technologies help to fight against the crisis in shipbuilding.' A ship's architect in an office at a computer. Screws of ships. The launch of the ' Olau Britannia '.
3) A beautiful bay in Africa. A black woman. Black children. A sick black man. He is carried on a stretcher to a hospital. We are in Rwanda. In the hospital. A German doctor looking after patients. Dr. Borton is a development aid volunteer. Black people in a queue in front of a hospital. ' Dr. Borten is needed here. There are many diseases. ' A black doctor examining a patient. Dr. Borton driving in a jeep through African scenery. Black people at a market. Dr. Borten in field service. He gives drawings to black people to convince them of the necessity of vaccination. Black people get vaccinated. On benches in the garden. Dr Borton teaching his staff. An operation. African scenery in the sunset.
4) Carnival in Cologne. Dancing dressed people in the street, 'Jecken' (Fools). A carnival-speech. Crowds. More crowds, singing and dancing. A merry-go-round in front of the Cologne Cathedral. ' Nuns '. A woman singer. Singing crowds. ' Carnival songs are traditional. But there are also modern songs. ' Crowds singing modern songs.
5) Children in a stadium, playing with balls. Hamburg. The football match ' Hamburg- 1. FC Koeln '. Scenes of the play. Cologne scores. Repeat in slow motion. Crowds, cheering. More scenes. Cologne scores again (in slow motion). Crowds, cheering. More scenes.

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