Film: 4011

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Mammals 1950's

Hippopotamus in water. A bear in an upright sitting down position. A chipmunk eating a nut. Protozoa. Sea anemone. Crayfish. Fish swimming. A lizard breathing on a rock. A pelican flying. Lots of pelicans and birds flying over water. A giraffe filmed from the feet to the head. Polar bear diving into water. A boy diving into water and getting out of a pool. The boy runs his thumb down his spine, he breaths deeply. He dives in the pool again. A beaver swimming in water. A kitten cleaning itself. A cat and kittens, the cat cleans a kitten. A lamb feeding from a sheep. A cow nursing it's calf. A baby monkey calling out for food. He runs to his mum and starts feeding, the female monkey makes a strange face. Sea lion swimming. Buffalo or American bison grazing. European fallow deer eating. Mule deer moving on hard ground. American Pronghorn's (Incorrectly referred to as an antelope), running in a herd across plains. Lots of sheep and lambs running. A sheep being shorn. A puma or mountain lion eating a large lump of meat. A cat playing with a string ball. A tiger yawning. A lion yawning. A coyote opening its mouth. A coyote eating a very large slab of meat, runs away with it. A rat next to a glass of milk and a piece of bread. A squirrel on a tree. Eating something. A gopher digging out of the ground. A close up of the gophers teeth. The gopher digging filmed from the side, pushing dirt up to the top. The entrance plugged up with dirt. A chimpanzee making faces. Showing his hands. Showing his teeth off. Peeling a banana. Runs away once the banana is eaten. A gibbon running across a field. Climbs up a tree and jumps through many in a row.

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