Film: 402

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Kyle of Lochalsh. Railway journey from Inverness, Scotland 1930's

Animated map of Scotland shows the route of the Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh railway line. Footage of the train steaming through the countryside, and into Achnasheen station. There are porters and passengers on the platform.
Intertitle: Passengers - Freight - Travelling Bookstall and Post Office.
People post letters into a royal mail box on the side of a carriage. Others buy newspapers and magazines from a man who is leaning out of an open window. The guard signals and the train moves off.
Intertitle: A "Driver's Eye" view of Britain's most beautiful stretch of track.
The train moves through further countryside. There are deer and stags in herds, both standing still and running. The train steams along the edge of the loch and into the Kyle of Lochalsh station, and stops alongside a platform.

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