Film: 403

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


This World War Two Nazi propaganda film shows the German effort to combat the allies on air, land and sea. Includes intertitle references to D Day fleet 1940's

A Nazi coastal guard looks down a telescope out into sea. In the distance the D-Day naval fleet on the horizon approaches. The fleet are being watched by a German soldier using binoculars. The allies' naval fleet appear closer than previously. German artillery launch shells from land. Naval ships return fire. Smoke blows across the landscape. Two soldiers slide ammunition shells down a ramp. An artillery gun fires the shells. A close up shot of the artillery gun shows smoke from the barrel. Shells land in the sea. More footage of shells being loaded and fired. Targets appear to have been hit. German soldier looks out over a beach from the cover of a bunker. Water vessels approach the beach. Artillery tanks fire at the approaching Allied vessels. German infantry armed with rifles hold position above the beach. A close up shows a German SS soldier gazing out into the distance. A wrecked allied landing craft remains on the beach.

In land, German camouflaged tanks and ground troops engage in fire with unseen allies. An intertitle reads "More enemy prisoners taken". A close-up reveals a stack of Allied soldiers' pay books presumably in possession of a Nazi soldier. Dozens of captive allied soldiers are stood in the line, some have their arms crossed, some look directly into the camera.

A German soldier looks up into the sky through binoculars. An anti-aircraft artillery gun is rotated into position. A formation of aeroplanes fly overhead dropping bombs. A sky empty of aircraft shows multiple vapour trails in all directions. A plane shot down falls from the sky.

In a French town under German occupation military motorbikes and an all terrain vehicle pass along the street. A procession of German tanks drive through the countryside. Five allied soldiers with arms raised walk through a field in front of an armed German soldier. German tanks continue through fields. One tank is on fire. Two captured soldiers, probably allies, carry a third wounded soldier. Intertitle: "The foe is driven from our villages". German infantry enter the outskirts of a village. A soldier throws a grenade. An explosion in front of a stone building appears to cause a passing soldier to change direction. A raging fire generates thick black smoke.

The End.

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