Film: 4049

Science | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Close up of Dr J Cockcroft talking to the camera about the peaceful use of atomic energy and about the abolition of mass destruction weapons. An historical reconstruction of Dalton. Dalton's and Mendeleef's periodic tables. Electron cloud chamber. An X-Ray tube. An X-ray of the human pelvic bones. Reconstruction of Becquerel. Reconstruction of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie. Ernest Rutherford. An animation describes Rutherford's atom (neutrons, protons and electrons), and how he changed one element to another. Cockcroft and Walton split the Lithium atom by bombardment with protons. Close up of a proton bombardment chamber. Uranium fission and Uranium fission pulses on the osciliscope. Animation describes an uranium fission chain reaction. Prototype of an atomic power station. Radioactive tracer techniques. An 1950's atomic physics laboratory. An atomic bomb explosion. Animation showing the planet earth.

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