Film: 4064

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Short but historically interesting.
Head and shoulders shot of British athlete, Sydney Wooderson, without his glasses in open necked shirt and cricket jumper. Followed by shot of athlete in stadium beginning his run for the pole vault. Title over action is 'Wooderson's Record.' The event is the AAA Championships at the White City, West London. The race is 3 miles in length. The action cuts to the runners on the starting line taking up their positions. Wooderson, in Blackheath AC vest and wearing spectacles, also takes his position.

We see the fourteen athletes set off and a closer shot sees Wooderson in second place. He then accelerates to take the lead beforebeing overtaken by another athlete. As the race progresses he stays in the first four leading positions before again moving to the front. The Dutchman, Willem Skikhuis, moves to the front, before Wooderson again claims first place at the mile stage in 4 minutes 40.6 seconds. With Wooderson remaining in the lead after the second mile, only three seconds longer than the first, we cut to the forty thousand crowd.

The Dutchman takes the lead down the back straight on the final lap, opening up a fiveyard lead. However, Wooderson catches the Dutchman on the final bend and wins by a margin of four yards. We see him break the tape, then jogging at the end of the race having broken the British three mile record in a time of thirteen minutes 53.2 seconds. A stationary Wooderson is shown still breathing heavily, having surpassed the previous record by a Finnish athlete in 1939. A track-suited Wooderson is then presented with his trophy by AAA officials. The camera shows him holding his trophy in front of the medals table.

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