Film: 4081

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Railroad action melodrama with telegraph girl foiling villains.

Intertitle - "The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher : A Railroad Drama. "Betty's fiancé, the railroad detective, leaves Oreland for a day's visit". A railway station ticket office. Betty talks to her fiancé, a man with a boater hat. They both look up at a train coming. Intertitle - "Smoke Up Smith, a notorious car thief arrives in town". Inside the carriage of a train, a slender man (Smoke Up Smith) leans out of the window seemingly removing his moustache. He nervously looks around. Outside the ticket office, Betty waits while her fiancé gets his ticket. He pats his jacket and finds handcuffs in his pocket. Betty takes them and locks them in a cupboard behind her desk. On the train Smith puts on a hat. The train arrives at the station and Betty's fiancé gets on. Smith gets off the train and stops to light a cigar before going into the ticket office. He talks to Betty and she leads him away. A guest house dining room, people sit around a table chatting. A man enters the room, and the woman at the head of the table directs him upstairs and he leaves the room. Intertitle - "The new boarder is flirtatious". Smith sits at the table eating, some people get up and leave and he lights a cigar. Betty sits opposite. A waitress enters and clears the table. Smith touches her arm and she pulls it away. He strokes her under the chin and she slaps him. Betty laughs and she leaves, Smith follows soon after. Intertitle - "Betty is suspicious of the new boarder". The ticket office at the railway station and Betty writes behind the desk. Smith enters. She opens a telegram which reads "Smoke Up Smith seen on Oreland train on Friday. Investigate. Biggs, Chief Detective Bureau". Betty stares at Smith and realises who he is. She takes the handcuffs and gun from the cupboard behind her, hides them in her hat and follows Smith out of the office. Intertitle - "Betty's Ruse". She walks over to the back of the guest house where the other boarders are milling around. She gathers them together for a game which involves being blindfolded. A girl goes first and then Smith is blindfolded. Betty seizes her chance, empties her hat and handcuffs Smith. She holds him at gunpoint and some men help to take him into the office where she locks him in. She sends an urgent message that she has captured Smith. In the office Smith uses a tie pin to release the handcuffs. He smashes a window and escapes. He jumps onto a waiting train and makes his escape. The driver runs after the train. Intertitle - "The chase". Betty runs up to a train and the driver helps her climb aboard. Smith looks anxiously behind him. Betty's driver throws more coal onto the fire and Smith begins to do the same. Intertitle - "Keep up speed so he can't escape". Betty climbs out of the train and edges along the side with the gun. She climbs onto Smith's train, jumps into the cockpit and points the gun at Smith and puts his hands up. They bring the trains to a stop and Betty's driver holds Smith with his hands behind his back. Intertitle - "Number seven arrives". A train pulls into a station and Betty's fiancé and another man jump out. They run up the track and meet Betty and Smith. Smith glares at Betty as he is led away. Betty's fiancé kisses her, the driver covers his face with embarrassment and they laugh.


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