Film: 4094

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Film starts with reverse shot of Stanley Matthews, famous footballer, playing for Blackpool against Bolton Wanderers in the 1953 FA Cup Final at Wembley. He is on the right wing with the ball at his feet wearing the number seven shirt. He is confronted by the Bolton left-full back, Tommy Banks, who is by-passed as Matthews feints to the right but passes the defender on the left. As another defender approaches Matthews just gets his right foot to the ball first. Cut to higher shot of Matthews attacking same defender with the ball at his feet. This time he feints to his left, but goes outside the defender to the right. As he is about to pass the Bolton player he stops the ball with his right foot and turns inside laying off the ball with the outside of his left foot. His Blackpool colleague returns the ball into the space in front of Matthews who is beaten to the ball by a Bolton defender who clears the ball with a hefty kick.

Cut to another shot of Matthews approaching the Bolton left-back with the ball at his feet. He touches the ball to the right and accelerates past the defender. As he nears the touchline he slips as he pulls the ball back across the Bolton goalmouth with his right foot. The ball is shot into the goal by Bill Perry, Blackpool's South African born left-winger, despite the attempts of Bolton players on the goal line. This is the winning goal and the Blackpool players throw their arms up in delight, congratulating scorer Perry. Cut to an elderley fan in the crowd waving his arm in jubilation. He wears a checked sports jacket as he claps his hands above his head.

Cut to Matthews holding open a presentation case displaying an honour. Shot expands to show Matthews standing in the forecourt of what is probably Buckingham Palace flanked by his wife and daughter. They wear hats and Matthews a morning suit. Abrupt end. This was the occasion on 1 January 1965 when he was knighted.

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