Film: 4106

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Canterbury , Kent mainly the cathedral and a few streets. Intertitle: Canterbury, England's ecclesiastical capital, retains many medieval features.
Long shot of the cathedral over Canterbury's rooftops. General views of Canterbury streets with pedestrians, buses and shop awnings.
Intetritle: West Gate, last of six city gates built in 1375
Shot of the gate with the River Stour in the foreground.
Intertitle: Tudor houses occupied by Hugenot weavers in 1685
Shot of the sign on the house: The Old Weavers' House AD 1500. Shot of the timbered building on Canterbury High Street, near the bridge that goes over the Stour. Shot of the Cathedral Gate taken through the narrow shopping street (Mercery Lane?) with the Cathedral Tea Rooms to one side. Close up of the gate with people entering underneath. Close up of the statues and carvings in the stone on the gate.
Intertitle: St Augustine's College - founded in 1884
Exterior shots of the college buildings made of flint and stone (I think this is now what would be The King's School buildings?).
Intertitle: The magnificent cathedral. Started in 1070 - completed in 1503
Establishing shot of the cathedral. View of the cathedral taken from underneath the gateway.
Intertitle: History and beauty in every stone
Close ups of the stone work and various statues on the building. Views of the stained glass windows, from both outside and inside. Views of the cathedral precincts, with people walking through (probably students from St Augustine's College).

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