Film: 4118

Education | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Wall Game Ashbourne school centuries old Shrove Tuesday ball game. A very rough traditional old custom and folklore game

A headmaster held up on the shoulders of students, he holds a ball up in the air, he is lowered but he throws the ball up and everyone scrambles for it. A bunch of men in a small stream, they struggle to get the ball away from each other, it looks like a rugby scrum in water. The men push and shove their way along the river, the men grasping at trees as they go by. The ball floats below a small waterfall, a line of men stand at the top looking at it, a man pops up beside the ball and grabs it. He throws it onto the shore and people start kicking and lunging for it, one man picks it up and makes a run for it. The ball goes into the water, two men go in after it, one falls on the ball and pushes it farther out. A young man walks through the shallow water with the bal under his arm. Another man starts wrestling for it even before it is taken out of the water.

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