Film: 4128

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Two amateur home movies.
Town square in Eastern Europe pre World War Two, possibly Poland. Peasants or gypsies in headscarves and striped skirts all come out of a building, the men stadn on the other side of the street in black farm-like suits, smoking. Possibly a wedding as there are several shots of a young couple together. A large building with lots of windows, some boarded up. People stand and face it as men climb down it on ladders. A car passes and people on horse and carriages. Lots of faces in the crowd being passed by the carriage. Grubby looking children with bare feet sit on the grass.

Sailing boats on a large lake. Posh types wait for flying boat or seaplane. They board and take off. Aerial view of the water and land. Plane reads "OH - ALK, Sampo".

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