Film: 4132

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Travelogue about Interlaken, Switzerland in the 1960's

Intertitle: "Interlaken is a holiday resort of international resort"
View of a road junction, cars parked, cyclists and tourists passing by. People crossing a junction with the help of a traffic police man. Close up of the police man at work.
Store front, Kikles, woman entering the store. Close up of a Tissot watches store front with several people observing.
People strolling in a wide avenue while a horse coach passes by. A couple walking in a park by a fountain.
The word Kursaal appears on screen with a Swiss flag on top. View of the main gates of the park.
Inside the park people walk by a quiet gazebo facing the mountain side. Close up of a man taking picture of the fountain. Close up of a flower clock, 4h15m, "Kurstaal Interlaken 1952" written on the bottom. Shot from the top of the clock where gnomes are hammering mushrooms. Shot from the seconds on the bottom of the clock. General view of the clock.
Intertitle: "Unterseen, in the quaint old part".
Montage of the old town views. Close up on the church clock tower, 1h15m. Old woman knitting outside her house.
Intertitle: "Steamer trip on Lake Thun".
People boarding a steamer ship. Two women on the prow of the ship. Montage of views from the ship and the lake side.
Intertitle: "Murren - highest village in the Bernesse Oberland"
Montage of views showing the town streets.
Intertitle: "Wonderful mountain views at Schynige Platte"
Montage of mountain views.
Intertitle: "Mecca of all visitors - the mighty Jungfrau"
Montage of mountain views with people climbing the mountain. Views of the mountain top.

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