Film: 4134

Social History | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie from the 1920's. Exterior shot of notice board with "Our president Rotarian D. P. Taylor welcomes his guests".

Exterior shot of three well dressed women and one white bearded gentleman standing near a field. A horse can clearly be seen in the background. A man and woman dressed in similar 1920's clothing walk towards the camera. A rural environment is clear in the background. Montage of shots in a garden. People wearing 1920's clothes. The men all have hats, shirts and ties and the women are wearing flapper-style skirts and cloche hats. Various group shots of people. One elderly woman proudly wears her fur wraps. In the background we can clearly see the old man with distinctive white beard, possibly D P Taylor, the President of this Rotary Club. Brief shot of two young women smiling, walking over a garden screen left to right. Other guests are greeted as they arrive. Couples shake hands. A very jolly man laughs into the camera. Medium shot of a group of people with the camera focussed on a woman in the centre of the group. She wears a white cloche hat. Further greetings made towards people who arrive to join the party. Three men including D P Taylor stand around talking. Two women hit golf balls with putters. A man throws a quoit. Brief shot of two women who are swathed in an over-abundance of white and dark brown fur coat. Our party are now enjoying afternoon tea. Long shot of a garden lawn. A group of women accompanied by a couple of men walk down the garden towards the camera. Two men in distinctive suits walk towards the camera. One smokes a cigarette. The second has a pipe. Both smile. A very toothy man smiles into the camera. Groups congregate on the lawn. Two men share a joke in front of a tent. Montage of shots of groups of people around tent. In the background, we can see a quartet playing music. Medium shot of groups in and around pavilion. In foreground, a woman smokes a cigarette. A group of men who have just alighted from a trolley bus walk past the camera. They all wear formal shirts and ties. They assemble for what looks like a group photograph. This part or section of the film appears to be from another event and seems unconnected with the remainder of the garden party sequence.

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