Film: 4137

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


A glimpse of Calcutta in India Amateur home movie 1960's

A European travellers watching mountains. An European mother ( Diana Huntley ), smiles as she sees the camera, with her child ( Amanda Huntley ) and points at the back where there are houses and a ruin(?). A ruin(?).

A bustling street of Calcutta. A large herd of goats and a man behind them. A rickshaw, or rickshaw moving, a tricycle as petty cab. A bullock carriage carrying sacks of grain, another carriage behind and behind latter is a truck. A bus turning, and a cow walking freely, on the zebra cross. People on the pavement and a coffee shop where Bengalis doing their daily routine. A banner in Bengali stuck on a large tree whilst people just wondering. A few people sitting outside a building and a few inside. A rickshahwallah using just man power rather than tricycle and working. A cow relaxing on the floor whilst chewing. Movement of people on the streets of Calcutta. A pond and a person facing it in dim light. Ghetto of the city and behind it is the pond. A clay pot seller cycles away and a boy is standing beside a black cab. A peaceful road. A crowd of mixed aged people, watching the camera. A close up of a boy. Movement of people in the street. Constant movement of cars. Two women looking down from a balcony. A diseased cow on the floor chewing. People are watching. Two children are watching. Two children looking but one of them walks away whilst the other covers her mouth. Two men walking on the same direction two boys are walking together also on the same direction. Cyclist cycling and a truck after another driving.

The end

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