Film: 4139

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Selling techniques, heavy selling to customers in the men's fashion world, marketing and sales in men's clothes. Middle aged man goes into a traditional men's' shop to buy clothes 1970's

Shot at Greys and Co, Santa Monica, California.

Outside a newly built men's fashion shop, two people walk up, Mark says he wants to buy a tie, she says she will meet him there later.
Inside Greys and Co clothes store, very traditional gentlemen's club style of shop, with gold old fashioned till, brass rails, polished wood cabinets. So Mark walks in, he is wearing a tan coloured leather jacket. And he is greeted by Harry the sales assistant. The shop is full of rails of trousers and jackets. Mark looks at the tie rails, "do you mind?", "not at all make yourself at home" says Harry. As Mark fingers a few ties, Harry asks if he has a special event coming up?. Mark finds a jacket, Harry helps him try it on. No its no good, it is a tweed jacket in light grey. Harry makes a suggestion. It’s a bit tight, we'll try the next size up. Mark says he will be giving a lecture on Probing, order taking and selling in Business. He tries on the next jacket and looks in the mirror. He says "why do people buy?" . Hen likes the jacket, so he is going to try the trousers, pants as well. Mark goes into the changing cubicle, fitting room. Mark says

"Make your prospect want to give you information" give your prospect a reason to tell you want you want to know. Harry is now a business man and Mark a salesman, you will save 30% but I need to ask you some question to do that . Back to the fitting room, Mark is happy with the trousers. He looks at himself in the mirror and Harry pins up the trousers. Harry goes to a rail of sports jackets and picks one out. How about a nice blazer ? Try this for size, Its green Harry, oh well you never know ?

"Ask questions to draw out information ? Mark looks in the mirror, he'll take the blazer. Harry takes him the shirts, and they pick one out. You can't answer probing questions with a yes or no.

Phone selling, Mark is now in an office selling, while smoking. He does the Who, What, Where questions. Harry holds a bundle of shirts, he asks a question that leads to shoes. Active listening. Mark goes back to the ties.

Fingers punch the sales into the till. Harry puts the suit into a suit bag and the shirts in to plastic carrier bags. Mark tells Harry why Probing really works for selling whatever the product. Harry waves him goodbye. His Mrs. Is waiting outside with one small carrier bag, she looks at her watch because he is late. You were getting a tie !

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