Film: 4144

Politics | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Cold War. The creation of NATO. Military operations. Aerial views of European capital cities. Willy Brandt, of Germany 1970's

Aerial view of Berlin. Close up of a door handle opening. Willy Brandt giving a speech. A car driving through a checkpoint between East and West Berlin.

Aerial view of Greece. Aerial view of the Vatican and St Peter's Square, Rome. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris France. Industrial chimneys. Military plane on a runway. View of the runway form a moving plane. Plane in the air. Men working at a control desk. Map showing radar stations. European flags flying outside NATO Headquarters in Brussels. NATO members sitting around a table. Polar ice cap. Military ships at sea. Pilot flying a military plane. Radar or sonar tracking screen on a ship. Helicopter with submarine detection, the helicopter lowers an instrument into the sea. Submarine firing weapons. Sign reading Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Barrier opening at a border crossing. Tanks. Military planners around a very large table, pushing models with long sticks. American soldiers playing pool or snooker rush off at the sound of an alarm. They slide down a pole. USA NATO aeroplane. Aerial view of planes flying. Tanks. Vehicle transporting weapons drives through a country road in Europe. Missiles being transported. Missiles slowly moving to an erect position. Diagram showing West and East Germany and Berlin. The Brandenberg Gate.

West German Foreign Minister Walter Scheel speaks. Soldiers walking along a port. Two older men wearing hats, they look like fishermen. Planes taking off from a ship. A woman carries a washing basket into a house leaving washing hanging on a line. Missiles on a ship.

09:08:00. A merry go round. A soldier sends a signal by flashing a lamp on a boat. Soldiers on the small boat. A clock tower. A bride and groom walk along at a wedding, a page boy and flower girl in front of them scatter flowers on the ground from baskets. They walk towards a carriage and horses. The carriage moves off, pulled by horses.

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