Film: 4159

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Messina in Sicily, Italy. Amateur home movie 1930's

Military parade, Italian sailors march down a street. Soldiers march past. An officer in a fancy hat with feathers. More soldiers pass. Followed by cavalry. Four nuns pass the spectators. A car and fire engines drive by in the parade. More cavalry in fancy uniforms.
Quick shots of a fountain and a church and a town square.
Two women in a swimming pool on a large yacht. Man in swimming costume. The large boat in a harbour. Empty seafront at Messina. Statue of Poseidon. Street trader with weighing scales. Man with barrel organ. Two locals by their market stall, smiling. Children play on the pavement. Large municipal building. Man selling produce from a basket. Policeman directing traffic. Horse and carriage with sleeping driver. Sailing boat and ferry in the harbour. Close up of a woman talking on deck.

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