Film: 4173

Royalty | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Queens visit for Opening of Euston Station
Police and crowds inside Euston station. Onlookers on the upper floor. Similar. The crowd waiting for the Queen Elizabeth to emerge. The Queen and VIPs are clapped as they leave. Closer. A group of children in the crowd. Still inside. The Queen walks in the space between the crowd. The children waving. Closer. Other onlookers near the buffet and lounge bar. Crowds on several levels of the interior. The Queen walks away from tickets and reservations section. Wider, people clapping. The Queen between two VIPs. Pan from this group up to onlookers on a balcony. Blurred shots and blank space. A train (the Royal one?) arrives at the platform. Blurred montage. Dignitaries await as the train doors are opened. The Queen alights, shakes hands with a VIP and is introduced to others. Closer. Another angle, the Queen stopping to have a word with each man. The Queen and VIPs walk by the train. An officer prevents the cameraman from following the Queen and her entourage. Behind the Queen and VIPs. These move into the heart of the modern station. Cameramen film the event.

Seated figures. Listening to a speech by a man. Members of the public wait patiently behind cord barriers. Others. More, mostly women, shy of the camera.

A crowd inside the station, standing listening (to the Queen?). Crowd beneath the arrivals and departures notices. The Queen and VIPs pass through glass doors and are greeted by more VIPs. The Queen has a short chat. Then moves on. The Queen enters the ticket hall. And is shown a ticket window. She walks past several windows. Stops to chat with one of the ticket sellers. The Queen stops to look at a window (possibly not for tickets), three women stood behind the glass. The Queen moves. She is shown into an empty, probably post office area. A VIP speaks to her while workers or journalists hover in the background. The Queen meets employees there. Porters beside a parcel conveyor belt. A dignitary or manager shows the Queen this post or parcels area. He shows her the conveyor belt in action. Similar. The Queen is shown a room where post bags are conveyed on hooks above wire baskets.

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