Film: 4176

Music | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Country Music Festival in Tamworth, Australia. Street musicians, festival, carnival and floats.

Two men in a field, one sits and plays a banjo, another stands some way off playing a fiddle. Man in a cap playing a fiddle or violin. Three men stand around, one in shades or sunglasses, another with a guitar and another with a banjo. A wooden road side sign 'Welcome To Tamworth - Country Music Capital', New South Wales. A man in a stetson hat playing a guitar sits busking on the pavement as people walk past. Two small girls in identical dresses busk by a shop playing a banjo and a tambourine, some fat old ladies walk past. Onlookers in stetsons. A six piece acoustic band, probably playing bluegrass including a lap dobro player, play for passersby outside a shop. Close up of a bearded man in yet another stetson singing into a microphone and playing an electric Fender Stratocaster guitar. The narrator tells us that country music is big business in Australia. A baby in a buggy shakes its legs to the music. A crowd in the street.

View of the festival stage in the distance surrounded by trees with the audience lounging on the grass in front. On stage two men play acoustic guitars. Close up of a foot tapping along to the music on the grass. Fan in the audience with an 'Australia' t - shirt. Another festival goer in a hat. Two more shots of the seated (not very large) audience at the outdoor concert.

Tamworth high street filled with a big crowd watching a carnival procession. A tracking shot of onlookers, adults and children. A sophisticated looking woman in big sunglasses and a ten gallon hat. Young women on a float waving, sitting on a huge guitar. A small boy in the crowd points and camera pans out to show more spectators. Another float passes with a band and children on a bed. In the crowd a child sits on its dad's shoulders. Tamworth City Council float in the parade with an Australian flag and a country and western band on the back.

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