Film: 4179

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


German U Boat submarines during World War Two.
Text: "Zusammengestellt aus Wochenschau Aufnahmen der UFA"
"A new submarine is commissioned and sets sail"
The launching of a Type VII U-boat.
Docks with cranes along the waterfront. German officers in the conning tower (turret bit) of the U-boat, they smile at the camera. U-boat sails along waterfront. Crew muster on the deck. Officers in conning tower. Close up of conning tower as U-boat sails past. German military band on the quay play instruments. They wear round metal helmets. German officers in long leather coats watch the U-boat go past. U-boat manoeuvres to come alongside the quay. Crew stand on the deck of the U-boat. Officers on the shore salute as the submarine comes along side. The crew on deck salute back. Two German officers on the quay shake hands. The U-boat sails past and the captain in the conning tower waves. The crew mustered on deck wave their hats in the air. At sea. Two officers look through binoculars. View of two ships in the distance. Men scramble down the hatch and climb down a ladder into the belly of the U-boat. The crew man their stations. The wheelhouse, lots of dials and gauges. An officer looks through the periscope.
Text: A British convoy is sighted and surface attacked.
View through the periscope of a ship coming directly towards the U-boat. The ship goes over the submarine. Dials in the engine room. An officer looks through the periscope. U-boat surfaces. Crew man the gun on the deck, load it with shells and fire at the British ship. The ship is hit, lots of smoke. U-boat crew fire more shells. View of U-boat bow crashing through large waves that wash over the deck. German officer with a cine camera. Officers in conning tower communicate using semaphore flags. Man looks through binoculars. German officer looks through binoculars and smokes a cigar. Bow the submarine in heavy seas. Sea washes over the deck and the gun. View of German officers in sou'westers or waterproof coats in the conning tower. Officer looks through binoculars and smokes a cigarette. A bell rings.
'Action stations for under-sea attack'
The crew scramble through a hatch.

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