Film: 4187

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An early example of Corporate self promotion for Babcock and Wilcox but with notable footage of Renfrew near Glasgow .
Opening sequence: split screen across the diagonal - on left hand side we see a game of rugby in progress, on the right a large Pickfords truck drives slowly . Intertitle: "A film review of people and events work and play , for members and friends of the Babcock and Wilcox family."
Cut to intertitle: "Who goes home?" Cut to Klaxon horn. Cut to exterior of Babcock and Wilcox factory located in Renfrew, Strathclyde, Scotland. 6000 men form the work and 1000 office workers pour out into the street. Distinctive Scottish accent (probably an actor) about the historical lack of transport. Electrical trams run by the Western Company. Destination of this tram Renfrew ferry via Babcock's . Our narrator starts to promote the belief that things have improved after the war. Narrator tells us of his desire to move to a new estate out of the bustle the city. Exterior of SMT (Scottish Motor Transport) bus station with single decker buses circa 1940 leaving . Cut to driver of bus changing destination on an old fashioned hand cranked machine from Moss Street to Port Glasgow. Cut to diagram and map showing bus services branching out from Babcocks in Renfrew to Clydebank, Paisley , Johnstone, Milliken Park, Craigielea, Fergushe Park, Glenburn, Presthill, Birkhall and St Enoch's in Glasgow. Panning shot of double decker routemaster buses. Cut to Renfrew Ferry with passengers on foot. cyclists rushing off . Cut to South Renfrew No. 2 signalling station. We are introduced to Mr Graham the station master at Renfrew. Cut to train arriving at platform and passengers alighting . Cut to train line extension at Porterfield road, a joint project between Babcocks and the Corporation. Cut to shot of several trams lined up . A number 28 moves off to its destination Lochfield Road. A relatively long sequence of train moving off and being driven through streets of Glasgow. Cut to workers Council Committee discussing possible improvements to transportation links as well as any problems or grievances. Narrator explains that one worker has taken a complaint about a late train to his boss, who passes it on to the committee. Tram inspector in depot . After explanation has been sought out and found , the Corporations letter is read to the Committee . Western bus with workers sign in place of workers leaving building , although not necessarily Babcocks. Film finishes with a montage of city streets surrounding Babcocks. Film ends with a rather cheeky shot of three workers witnessing a 'miracle' a large car , presumably owned by a manager stops to give them a lift.

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