Film: 4188

Animation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Cartoon, Little Black Sambo. A black and white cartoon showing a black mother and child represented with blackface. The mother washes the child in a metal tub with lots of soap suds, a dog is on the chair looking at the process. The child is then dried in a towel and powdered once dry, the mother dresses him and presents him as sparkling clean. The dog makes a face to say the child looks good. The mother tells the child to play outside, but to watch out for the tiger! The dog is worried, but then has an idea. The child leaves the house and goes into the jungle with the dog following. The dog finds some black paint and paints stripes on his back. He then looks in the mirror, and puts a bear trap in his mouth to look like big teeth, he growls and barks and slinks to himself in the mirror, as he is prowling away, we see that it was actually the tiger behind a mirror frame! The boy is skipping in the forest, and the dog is following inside a hollow tree trunk. The dog leaves the trunk and stalks the boy, classic boy turns around and stalker hides behind a tree. The dog, still disguised as a tiger chases the boy up a tree, the boy throws coconuts at the dog, he then pulls a large monkey out, which isn't very happy and he is thown out the tree instead. The dog reveals himself to be a dog and they are happy. The boy starts playing fetch with the dog, at which point the real tiger appears. The boy is watching the dog run away and doesn't realise the tiger is there, while the dog looks very scared and points behind him, the boy is then so scared his skin turns white and he runs away. The boy starts running in circles and the tiger gets distracted, and attacks it's own tail. The boy then runs through a hollow log gets stuck at the end so he is running on his hands, while the tiger has his head stuck in the other end, forming a strange log-bodied creature, the dog climbs on top of the log and starts hitting the tigers backside with a stick, they all crash into a tree, the kid and the dog run away and the tiger hops around with a log still on his head. The child and dog run inside the house, while the tiger tries to break down the door. They blockade the door. The tiger sets up a pendulum to knock the door while creeping round the back to find an open window. He gets in the house and starts handing items to the dog, who takes a while to realise. The tiger gets a pot stuck on it's head, then gets stuck in a tar like substance poured on the floor by the child. The child then finds a hot pan and scolds the tigers bottom. The tiger shoots out through the roof and slides down a hill into some water, he creeps off. The mum and son are celebrating with a dance. The dog sneaks off and sets up the rock and rope again to make it seem like the tigers back. The mum and son are cowering in the room, while the dog (presumably back through the windows) tries to look like the hero by opening the door, he is then promptly hit by the swinging rock he set up!

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