Film: 419

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Jerusalem in Palestine, now Israel, Middle East 1920's

" Jerusalem is enclosed by aged stone walls " a wide view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives showing the Dome On the Rock and the walled city, with the olive groves beyond. Pann across the city. One of the gates in the wall in the background with a scene of people, chickens and a soldier passes. " Not a stone of the Old Jewish temple remains but upon the same site is situated the Mosque of Omar ". Very good view of the Dome On the Rock. " The Wailing Wall where Jews lament over the destruction of Jerusalem" women pray at the Western wall. Men pray, bowing and reading from the books. All in different hats, one with hair curls. Women sit and stand in groups against the wall. " Via Dolorosa " the road of suffering which Christ took from the Palace of Pilate to Calvary " the picturesque narrow streets and steps of the city with flying buttress roof supports. People pass up and down the cobbled steps. " The Holy Sepulchre, cut out of the solid rock " Rock cut tombs, " The Church of the Holy Sepulchre" the outside courtyard, pann across. " The Valley of Kidron, according to the Jewish belief, the place of the Last Judgment " pann down the hill with the vast array of tombstones and memorials. Rock cut tombs " Tradition has it that this is the place where Judas Iscariot hanged himself " A lonely tree against a sky line. " Golgotha " a rocky outcrop. " Other ancient tombs" Tomb of the Kings or Empress Helena. " Street scenes of Modern Jerusalem " heavily veiled women and men in picturesque street scenes. Arab Men close up. Man in a fez, porter carrying sacks through the stone arches. A view down a busy shopping street with a minaret of a mosque at the bottom. The shops have canopies. People shopping women look at material. Examining and bargaining for clothes. A man in uniform passes. A church spire at the top of a street. Close up of a man smiling, another bearded, a water seller, a Jewish man, a hassidic, in flurry hat and long coat goes down a flight of steps in the street, people riding donkeys. Busy street scene near the well and gate of David, Orthodox priest emerges from the wall "The sepulchre of David " rocky scene, "The Sepulchre of Absalom " ancient monument with Russian Orthodox Church in the background. "Sepulchre of Rachel" small low building.

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