Film: 4191

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Catering school , cookery , food for restaurants

Monton Technical college, southeast of France, the students play and talking the courtyard outside the plain 1960s building. A couple walk into the restaurant of the college run by the students. One of the students seats them at a table. The menu written on the blackboard. The full restaurant, the student waiters in white cook jackets serve and most of the patrons are elderly people. The couple eat their meal. The Student waiters watch over the customers from the back of the room. A student lays the table with cutlery. A place setting. A student dishes out some of the vegetables onto a plate. One of the student cooks takes food out of the oven. A traffic jam in the kitchen as waiters and waitresses carry dishes in and out of the kitchen. A waitress takes an order. Another brings food out of the kitchen. One of the cooks prepares food in the kitchen. One of the students take laundry out of the washing machine. One girl feeds a napkin into an ironing machine, another girl takes it out and puts a folded napkin down on a pile. An ironing room. An instructor teaches a girl how to cut and present a chicken leg. A student waitress brings out a prepared piece of meat form the kitchen and puts it on a side table. Another student cook serves potatoes into a dish. The students prepare the dining room. The students walk arm in arm through the courtyard. The south coast of France with resort hotels.

Eyeliner exhibited by Genevieve ? She puts the bottle of eyeliner on her dressing table and carefully opens it, and uses a fine brush to apply it to her eye. She examines the result in the mirror critically. She removes the eyeliner in one piece as it has dried into an elastic film, she puts it down on the dressing table. She carefully dips the brush in the liner again and reapplies it. Fashion sow, seen through the glasses of a cocktail bar. Models turn to exhibit their large wigs and loose necked dressed. A cocktail waiter dries a glass and smiles. A model plays with a small lap dog as the designers fiddle with her hair. One of them takes a purple wig ( can't se the colour but so the narrator tells us) and puts it on her head. Lola has a green wig on, hairdressers brush her hair lightly. Shayla, 'that teenage leader' sits and points from her chair. Now to hats, a model models a hat in the same bar, a drum shaped boater hat, with a pea coat. Another round hat, finished with yellow straw and a bow. A white felt hat and beige straw cap worn by two ladies lighting cigarettes and smoking at a table in a café. Straw cloche hat, worn by a woman seen through a wine glass. Another cloche hat modelled by a woman beside the bar. A woman admires her turban in the mirror. A boater and a big curly hat worn by two women approaching the bar. Close up of the boater. l'Arc de Triomphe hat wide brim, turned up in front.
The street sign of Rue Soufflot and Boulevard Sainte Michel in the Latin quarter of Paris, a haunt of authoress, Francoise Mallet-Joris. She sits in a café and writes in a notebook. A waiter comes to collect her empty coffee cup. She smokes a cigarette and looks pensive. View over her shoulder at her notebook. She packs up and leaves the café. She walks down the street and goes into the 'Editions Bernard Grasser' building. Francoise sits at a desk with an editor? And discusses work. Her books. One of her four children holds 'Marie Mancini.' Francoise looks at pictures with her children. A still picture of her husband. One of her sons looks at a roll of film, he holds it up against the light to see the image. Francoise cuts bread and makes a sandwich, her four children gathered around the table, the family dog sniffs the camera. Piano teacher Francoise at the piano with a student, she teaches piano part time. Side shot of the student playing the piano with Francoise looking over her. The students foot working the piano peddles.

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