Film: 4193

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Magazine style newsreel on "subjects that women enjoy" - shopping, fashion, carpet weaving, and watercolour art. All the stories are from France although the voiceover is in English.
1. Shot of street sign, "Rue du Fauberg Saint Honore". Busy road - many cars. Zoom into traffic policeman. Inside shop - wall clock in the shape of a sun. Ornaments - some of them gaudy and horrible. Sculptures made of wire with doll's faces. Jewellery on display in a window. China dolls.

2. Fashion show set on a stage arranged with a tropical beach theme. Model displays beachwear (like a jumpsuit with short trousers, made of jersey, not very flattering). "Michelle" by the Beatles playing in the background. Models in jersey slacks with matching jackets. Stern, middle aged women in hats in the audience. Model wears shift dress. Young woman in the audience looks thoughtful. Wrap in garish psychedelic design sported by next model (groovy). Bathing cap with built in sunglasses shown in close up. Bad bathing cap with a built in hairpiece (!?). Two in one headscarf and bathing cap. Plain swimming hat with elasticated hood over it. Models display "ultra feminine" bathing costumes. Polka dot dress with detachable lower half becomes a bikini. Row of dresses on coat hangers. Bikini with matching gabardine blouse.

3. Fashion show in the Ice Palace, Paris. This is very bizarre. Models with parasols skate around. Skater wearing a crash helmet (?) twirls around to show off a skirt. Models skate around carrying umbrellas and handbags. Young girl with umbrella skates on one leg. Men with cameras look faintly bemused. Three children on ice display new small size umbrellas made of transparent plastic. Models skate around with new design handbags. Woman wearing a yeti coat skates. Lots of woolly jackets and waistcoats.

4. Lyon. Justine, an artist, designs floor tapestries. She makes small, initial designs at a workbench. Larger scale painting of one design. Busy street in Paris. Justine presents her design to the chief of a carpet manufacturer. Full scale design reproduction made on squared paper. Spools of thread wound onto loom roller. Jacquord mechanism on loom shoots different colours through as they are needed. Coloured spools on a large rack. Woven carpet cut to size. Women check carpets, adding small stitches and corrections where necessary. Wall displays of the work of various designers.

5. Gallery display of art works by Madeleine Scellier. Portrait in frame and smaller watercolour illustrations. Pan around many framed works - mostly featuring women and birds. Her studio is situated in the courtyard of a seventeenth century building. She paints at a sloping window. She applies thick oil paint with a palette knife. More of her work on display in frames.

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