Film: 4194

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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A document in Arabic followed by translation:
Merian C.Cooper, E.B. Schoedsack and M.E.Harrison are the first foreigners to have crossed the Zardeh Kuh pass and the first to have made the forty eight day migration with the tribes signed: Hidar Khan Chief of the Baba Achmad, Tribe of the Baktyari.
Horses and wagon crossing over a bridge, camels walking in the dark. "Eastward through the hills of Asia Minor. Our journey begins." The country is Turkey.
Angora is pointed to on the map.
A wide view of a mountain side, on a path, horse and wagon, closer look shows Marguerite Harrison being lead by a local man for "thirty days on end, over bleak plains from village to village". They arrive at a village where a performance takes place of a man with a dancing bear. Children are watching.
"Another month passes on the salt desert of Anatolia." The wagon is travelling on the plains often running into blinding desert sand storms, on one such night as the storm increased out or the darkness loomed a welcome Caravanserai, the desert travellers refuge." A man with a torch showing the entrance to the wagon. Dawn reveals a wide stone structure enclosed all around. Inside dozens of camels kneeling down, people are making food, the traditional unleavened bread is offered for breakfast. A man rolls the dough with a stick, ready for the fire. Out from the pouch of a camel's saddle appears a puppy dog. The camels are eating too. The puppy goes to eat some special bread. Sunrise, all preparing to leave, heavy loads are put onto camels' backs. An old man is sitting and watching. The decorated gate from the outside. A man on a donkey is leading the camels out. Horses and wagons leaving "weeks later leaving wagons and roads behind us, we head off into Taurus Mountains." Climbing up towards a mountain ridge, people leading donkeys." A sentinel fortress, grim ruin of a thousand years, now the abode of wild hunters." A hunter comes through the rocks, he notices tracks, loads his gun and opens a screen with two holes for the eyes, he holds it in front of him as a camouflage and proceeds, he stops and crouches, just a speck against the sky on the brow of the cliff. He shoots and hits a big ram, he finds it and takes it on his back, 150 pound weight, he crosses a stream and brings it to the rest who are sitting and smoking. They light the pipe by rubbing flint and steel, a man plays the bazouki, Marguerite refuses to try the long pipe. The hunter arrives they are all up to look at the ram, and hold it up to cut it open. The next morning it is snowing all around, pan view of the snowy mountains. They struggle on in the snow with the donkeys. "And here our trail joins the Great Caravan route. East - East always East." A long trail of camels walking in the snow.

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