Film: 4198

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Opening a photo album.
Three-month old baby held in arms.
Baby girl is cradled by mother.
Still pictures of Miss T. at three months, six months. Six month old in cot. Mother in kitchen turns tap on wall and fills cup. Shot of table - food on table is pint of milk and two halves of orange on a squeezer. Happy baby lifts herself up by holding onto mother's finger. Baby drinks from mug held by mother. Diagram shows outline of baby together with pint of milk and half an orange. Milk builds up bones, teeth and hair. The milk and orange are representative of British soldiers with rifles and hats.
Still of "Miss T" at four years old. Four year old girl plays with doll. Lots of four-year old girls in nursery classroom. Girls have large ribbons in their hair. They play at domestic chores - babies, washing, laying table. Close-up of vase of flowers being placed on table. Woman teacher gives bowls to girl. She takes them to a table. Children help themselves to food. Girl eats with spoon. Diagram of body and fresh fruit and vegetables making strong bones and teeth. Custard is spooned onto pudding. Empty plate and spoon. Four year old boy carries chair through open door. Girls run down long corridor alongside line of beds for afternoon nap. Girl sits on bed and takes off one sandal. She gets off bed and puts this under bed. She sits on bed, takes second sandal off, gets off bed and puts it under bed. She collapses on bed face down. Diagram of British soldiers attacking "Germs".
Photo of "Mary when all the others had measles" (because of her healthy eating).
Teenager Mary eating a banana.
Her mother preparing bread and margarine. Mary takes a plate of bread and butter and sits at the table. She uses a spoon to spoon honey onto her plate.
Another diagram concerning the goodness of milk, apples, bread, butter and honey.
Mary spreads honey on bread and eats it.
Girls play netball.
Sign says Form "IIA" on a door. In classroom, girls in uniform. One is standing reading aloud. Girl in front row raises her arm. Female teacher asks Mary to write on the blackboard.
Mid-morning break in the playground. Mary drinks milk from bottle with a straw. A girl offers her a sweet. A few sweets are good, but after that you don't want any more for energy building. Close-up of girl's hand taking sweets from paper bag. Girl eats sweets. Mary's friend eats so many sweets she runs off to be sick with a handkerchief to her mouth.
Miss T. as a later teenager smiling and eating lunch at school. She eats vitaminised margarine, carrots and watercress. Girl's refectory.
Girls in Domestic Science class mixing dough for wholemeal loaves. Kneading dough.
Close-up of picking up tennis ball with racquet. Playing tennis. Mary smashes at the net.
In biology class Miss T. puts on lab. coat. She pours something into a test-tube.
As a young woman, Mary eats breakfast of half a grapefruit. Mary also has a herring grilled in oatmeal. Her mother hands her the plate.
Diagram of Miss T. radiating energy. She pours milk from a small jug.
Mary leaves her home - a semi-detached inter-war house. A young man greets her and takes her hand at the entrance to work. They smile. Miss T. tests electrical lamps in a research laboratary. Close-up of hand turning dial marked "Lumens", above which is another dial - "Potentiometer". Clock reads,"12:32". Queue of workers at canteen. Miss T. takes a sensible salad and looks at man next to her. He hurriedly puts his meat pie back. Miss T. hands man seated at desk a report.
Close-up of hands checking lines on graph-paper. He puts tick on paper.
People leaving work. Miss T. and young man at exit. Close-up of their feet. He walks off.
Miss T. digging with a garden fork in the allotment.
Mother making hotpot. Tomatoes and gated cheese placed on top.
Miss T. is healthy and eating the right foods - helping her country " Digging for Victory" in World War Two.
Still of "Mary on the allotment."

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